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Formerly Homes for Kids / Child and Family Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start behavioral health services for my child?

Call 330-544-8005 to make an appointment or visit us during our walk-in hours. Visit our Behavioral Health page for more information.

How do I know if your organization accepts my insurance/Medicaid?

Call the main number (330-544-8005) and ask to set up an intake assessment.  They will connect you with the appropriate person and verify your insurance or Medicaid eligibility in order to receive services.

What if I have a question or concern?

The first person or persons you should discuss your child’s treatment with are the clinicians assigned to your case.  If you have more questions or are not satisfied with those responses, you should contact their clinical supervisor.  You may contact the main number at Cadence Care Network (330-544-8005) and ask for the supervisor on your child’s case.  Knowing the name of the clinician or clinicians working with your child would help but the support staff can determine the supervisor from your child’s name.

Can I reach someone after hours?

Most concerns are best addressed by the clinician you work with on a regular basis because they are most familiar with your case or your child’s case. You can call the office during regular office hours Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, in a crisis, Cadence Care Network does provide an on-call service evenings and weekends when the office is closed. You can reach the answering service by dialing 330-544-8005. Follow the instructions on the menu. A clinician will return you call A.S.A.P. In the most urgent or serious cases we suggest you call 911 immediately.

What if my child is involved with Child Welfare, Juvenile Courts, or the Board of Developmental Disabilities?

We coordinate treatment with Child Welfare, Juvenile Courts, and The Board of Developmental Disabilities on a regular basis.  In many cases we are familiar with the agency administration and the individual workers. Advocacy and coordination of treatment is a significant part of the services we provide. We will need you to complete a “Sharing of Information” form. This can be done at the intake/assessment.