Impact a Child's Life

Cadence Care Network matches patient and caring adults with the most vulnerable children in our community.

Being a foster caregiver provides you with a rewarding opportunity to positively impact a child’s life.

Cadence Care Network is committed to supporting our foster caregivers. We provide dedicated 24/7 support, initial and ongoing training, daily reimbursement for the care of children, respite, and access to transportation services for the children in care.

We are seeking foster caregivers throughout Northeast Ohio.

By Your Side

Our valued foster caregivers receive support, reimbursement, and the training necessary to impact a child's life, including:



Ranging from $30 -$65 per day


Training Reimbursement

$10 per hour


Hero Bonus

When you accept a child in your home


Paid Respite and Transportation

We help you get foster children where they need to be.


Referral Bonus

Refer an individual or a friend or family member to become a foster caregiver and upon licensure you receive a bonus.


24-hour Emergency Support

Interested in becoming a foster caregiver? 

Foster Care Testimonials

See what our foster parents think about fostering through Cadence Care.

To become a foster parent in the State of Ohio, you must have the following qualifications and abilities:


Have a heart full of compassion and support to help someone on their journey.


Be 18 years of age or older.


Singles, couples or


Have a strong support system to help you handle stress and crisis situations.


Live in the State of Ohio.


Offer a healthy family environment.


Give guidance, behavior management and emotional support.


Be flexible and accepting.


Provide food, clothing, shelter, love, stability, safety, security, discipline and structure.


Be a positive role model in a child's life.

Keeping Siblings Together

A sibling is one of the only persons in an individual’s life who has a shared life experience with having the same parent(s), a similar background or upbringing, and home environment. Because of this shared life experience, it is so important to try to keep siblings together when a family intersects with the child welfare system.

Keeping siblings together in foster care helps to promote security, adjustment, and is tied to higher rates of reunification with primary family, better school performance and overall better mental wellbeing compared to children who live separately from their siblings in care.

Cadence is committed to keeping siblings together to continue to support the development of youth involved in foster care. Some ways in which Cadence helps to promote sibling placements are:


Financial Bonuses

Cadence provides a financial bonus at placement when a resource parent accepts three or more children


Providing Resources

Cadence may lend an additional crib, bed or car seat out to resource parents for emergency placements


Case Managers

Cadence assigns one case manager to the home to reduce the amount of people involved



Cadence assists with transportation to family visits

If siblings must be separated due to space, safety, or other reasons, then Cadence will participate in coordinating or facilitating family visits and respites so that the children can still see each other as much as possible.

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