Proactive Approach to Mental Health

Behavioral health education and support are vital in our schools. Students are faced with many issues that impact their learning, including issues at home, in the community and in their schools. We offer a school-based program accessible in numerous districts throughout Trumbull, Mahoning, and Ashtabula Counties designed to build resiliency and improve social and emotional health among students.

Cadence Care Network uses the 40 Developmental Assets Framework to help students build resiliency and protective factors and increase their opportunities for success both in and out of a classroom setting.

School-Based Services include:


Individual and group support services

for elementary, middle and high school students.


Classroom and grade level presentations

on relevant social/emotional/behavioral health topics such as grief and loss, peer mediation training, peer mentorship, and more


Professional development training for school staff

Training includes Suicide Prevention, Trauma Informed Care, Trauma and Crisis Debriefing and Staff Peer Support.


Referrals and follow-up

for additional behavioral health services

Our school social workers work closely with educators, families and students to reduce barriers and promote positive educational outcomes.


One in ten children have a mental illness that impairs how they function at home, at school and with peers.


Approximately 50% of students 14 and older who are living with a mental illness drop out of high school.

Social workers are available to attend school meetings and provide a link from school to home, as well as to resources in the community.